Touch Football Australia Launches "The Nest"

Touch Football Australia has launched a new Learning Management System in partnership with etrainu called The Nest.

This system presents an exciting opportunity for our sport to offer a one-stop shop for education and additional resources for our members.

For the first time as a sport, The Nest will give TFA the ability to talk to our accredited volunteers and target ongoing education opportunities to our membership. This system will let us streamline administrative processes for our course Facilitators and Referee Coaches across the country, allowing us greater reach than ever before. TFA intends for The Nest to be a hub where all members of our sport go to develop their knowledge of the game. This platform will also provide a whole-of-sport education profile.

The name ‘The Nest’ comes from the fact that the Australian teams are now known as ‘The Emus’, and we want our Sport Education platform branding to align. For emus, their nest is their ‘home’, where development is fostered for both young and old.

In order to update your current accreditation for recognition in The Nest, please follow the below steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Create a user profile and update your contact details - it's free!
  3. Go through the RPL/RCC process to compete your historical Sport Education profile - this is free too!

    When doing so please remember:
    • You will be asked a series of questions - don't stress if you don't know/remember all the answers
    • Only complete one RPL/RCC per accreditation (e.g. Level 3 Referee, not level 1, 2 and 3)
    • You will be asked to upload your Sport Education Certificate - don't worry if you have lost it or you never received one. We created the RPL-RCC Code of Ethics Agreement for this scenario

Stay turned for the release of exciting new resources and education opportunities in the next twelve months.

For further information please read through the memo and ‘How To’ guides below: