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Want to get fit? Want to earn some extra money? Want to learn the rules of the game? Then the Townsville Touch Referees Association NEEDS YOU!

Referees play an integral role with all Touch Football competitions, ensuring our game is played in a fair, safe and enjoyable environment for all participants. Love them or loathe them, there would be no games without them!

While it's not for everyone, refereeing is an extremely rewarding experience for many people. Referees are considered some of Touch Football's most dedicated and highly regarded participants.

The Townsville Touch Referees Association pays referees for giving up their time to officiate over matches during the season and for some it can be very rewarding.

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Apart from being paid to referee, attending a referees course is a great way to learn the rules of touch football, and can aid players in their understanding of the game.

If you referee more than three (3) games in a season, you should consider attending the four (4) hour Level One Referee course to gain formal accreditation as a referee.

Becoming accredited is easy and is done via Touch Football Australia's "The Nest".

A list of upcoming face-to-face sessions is below, but make sure you read all of the below information first!

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Upcoming Face-to-Face Sessions

LevelFace-to-Face DatePrerequisites 
OneSunday 26th March 2023NoneGET PROMO CODE
TwoSaturday 19th March 2023Level One for twelve (12) monthsGET PROMO CODE
ThreeSunday 26th March 2023Level Two for twelve (12) monthsGET PROMO CODE
You must enter the correct PROMOTIONAL CODE when enrolling for your course, or you will be required to pay the full, non-refundable, course fee. To obtain your code, press the "GET PROMO CODE" button above and complete the short process.

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All course enrolments are done through TFA's THE NEST.
If you haven't used THE NEST before, please follow the guide below to get started.


Step-By-Step Guide to Enrolling in a Course