The Nest - Digital Accreditation & Training Platform

Touch Football Australia has recently released their new digital accreditation and learning management system "The Nest", and are encouraging all active referees to complete their profile to ensure their accreditation is recognised.

The Nest, a product delivered through a partnership between Touch Football Australia and etrainu, is now the central point for all touch football accreditations, including referees, coaches, and facilitators.

As part of the rollout, all active referees should register and create their learning profile, and then complete the "TFA - RPL/RCC Referee Courses" process for their current level of accrediation.

All course registrations, accreditation expiry's and renewals, are now being done through the The Nest.

Please note the following:

  • Only complete the RPL process for your current accrediation level (i.e. if you are a LEVEL FOUR referee, ONLY complete the "Level 4 RPL/RCC" process.
  • If you have attended a LEVEL TWO or LEVEL THREE course, but have not been successfully assessed and upgraded (you will have a certificate if you were), please ONLY complete the appropriate "(Theory Only)" process.
  • All information will be cross-checked by TFA prior to being marked "completed", to ensure its accuracy.

Information on how you can access The Nest, and how to register your learning profile, can be found at

If you have any questions regarding your accreditation, or getting registered in The Nest, please contact us.