2021 Refeee Registrations Now Open

Membership registrations to the Townsville Touch Referees Association Inc. (TTRA) for the 2021 year of touch football is now open.

The TTRA is the organisation that supplies and manages referees in all Townsville Touch Football adult competitions.

Match payments are made by the TTRA to its active members for officiating in official touch football competitions sanctioned by Townsville Touch Football.

To maintain your active membership, and be eligible for payment, you must complete the 'Membership Declaration' form, available from the TTRA website - www.ttra.org.au/register

The membership declaration will allow referees to submit their payment details, and failure to provide these details correctly will result in no payment being made.

In addition to registration, club-affiliated referees who are involved in the 2021 Townsville Touch Football Colliers Shield will need to ensure that their club is aware of their availability to referee this season.