New Guidelines Regarding Negative Behaviour Now In Effect

The Townsville Touch Referees Association, supported by Townsville Touch Football, have today released new guidelines aimed at taking a tougher stance on negative behaviour directed towards its referees.

The move is a significant step towards promoting fairness, sportsmanship, and respect on the touch football field by reducing negative behaviour towards referees. Effective immediately, the guidelines will now result in the first offence being penalised without an in-game warning being issued, and subsequent offences being moving through the regular escalation process.

In an open letter addressed to all members of the Townsville Touch Football community, TTRA President Kerrod Hall said that the new guidelines were being put into effect with the hope that players and team officials will take them as a strong warning that negative behaviour will no longer be tolerated by offcials.

"It is our genuine hope that our referees do not need to employ [these guidelines] in any match moving forward."

"Our aim is to prevent negative behaviour towards referees from occurring in the first place, not to have players and officials excluded from matches due because of it"

You can view the new guidelines by clicking here.

Referees play a crucial role in ensuring the integrity and smooth running of touch football matches. However, instances of disrespectful behaviour towards referees have become a growing concern in recent times. To address this issue head-on, the Townsville Touch Referees Association has taken proactive measures to create a more respectful and inclusive sporting environment.

Under the new guidelines, any player, coach, or spectator who engages in disrespectful behaviour towards referees will face immediate consequences. The first offence will be penalised without a warning given during the game. This swift action sends a clear message that negative behaviour towards referees will not be tolerated.

The decision to implement these guidelines reflects the Townsville Touch Referees Association's commitment to ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants. By enforcing these measures, the Association aims to foster a culture of respect, appreciation, and understanding towards referees, who dedicate their time and expertise to officiating the sport.

This initiative aligns with broader efforts across the touch football community to promote positive sporting behaviour and create a supportive environment for referees. It serves as a reminder to players, coaches, and spectators to treat referees with the utmost respect, acknowledging their vital role in the game.

The Townsville Touch Referees Association believes that by addressing negative behaviour towards referees, touch football matches will become more enjoyable, competitive, and fair for all involved. It is a step towards creating an atmosphere where referees feel valued and empowered to officiate the game with confidence.

Players, coaches, and spectators are urged to familiarise themselves with the new guidelines and support the initiative by embracing a culture of respect and sportsmanship. Together, we can create an environment that celebrates the love of the game and appreciates the efforts of referees.

The Townsville Touch Referees Association encourages open dialogue and feedback from the touch football community to continually improve the guidelines and ensure their effectiveness in reducing negative behaviour towards referees.