TTF Recognises Current and Former TTRA Members for Lifelong Dedication to Touch Football

Current TTRA President Kerrod Hall (#736) has been recognised alongside former TTRA member Suzanne Salter (#411) for their dedication to the development of Townsville Touch Football with the bestowment of Life Memberships.

During a special moment during Sunday's Colliers Shield Grand Final presentations, Townsville Touch Football president Glen Wilson announced that two new Life Memberships of the association would be conferred, to Suzanne Salter and Kerrod Hall, in recognition of the time and effort that two esteemed individuals have given to TTF and the sport of touch football over their many years.

“Sue has given so much of her time and effort to this sport and our association, and it gives me great pleasure to announce her as one of our newest Life Members.”

"Her coaching resume speaks for itself, but the time and effort she has put into developing players, particularly our younger players, and coaches over her many, many years in our sport simply can't be overstated."

Likewise, Wilson recognised Hall's dedication to the sport and the many roles he has held in his time with the association.

"Kerrod volunteer's many, many hours working behind the scenes to help our competitions run, especially for our juniors."

"He gives so much of his time and effort to every position he holds and has held. Even though he is a referee at heart, he has spent so much of that time running our junior competitions and supporting our junior players."

For their unwavering dedication and countless contributions to Townsville Touch Football, Salter and Hall were awarded Life Membership at the Townsville Touch Football Annual General Meeting on Thursday, 20th July 2023.

The prestigious award was presented in person at the 2023 Colliers Shield Grand Finals on Saturday, 29th July 2023, in front of an appreciative touch football community.

Salter and Hall are now part of a prestigious group within the association, with only three other members being recognised with Life Membership across the association’s rich fifty-year history - Glen Wilson (1990), Barry Peters (1990), and Paul Edmondson (2021).


Suzanne Salter

Suzanne (Sue) Salter has a rich history in touch football, spanning many years. Her outstanding service and unwavering commitment have elevated the sport in Townsville, leaving an enduring legacy that will be cherished for years to come.

Salter’s journey with Townsville Touch Football began when she joined Redskins Touch Club, where her passion and commitment to the sport first ignited.

Over the years, she transitioned to become a loyal and valued member of the Frogs Touch Club, where she currently shines as an integral part of their leadership team.

Throughout her time with TTF, Salter has embraced numerous roles and responsibilities, showcasing her versatility and expertise in various aspects of the sport. As a player, referee, coach, and selector, Salter has left an indelible mark on the association.

Salter’s involvement with the TTF Board and Technical Committees has been exemplary. Serving as Technical Director in 2005, and again from 2012-2019, her contributions have been pivotal to the success and growth of the sport in Townsville.

As the Coaching Director on the TTF Technical Committee in 2008 and 2009, Salter extended her expertise to help nurture and develop the coaching talent within the association. She has played a crucial role in the day-to-day operations of all TTF competitions, extending her experience to championships and events hosted by TTF.

Her involvement in touch football extends far beyond TTF, holding several roles over her years involved with various governing bodies, including the North Queensland Touch Association, QLD Touch Football, QLD School Sport, Touch Football Australia, and the Federation of International Touch.

While Salter’s prowess also extends to the realm of refereeing, it is Salter’s coaching expertise for which she is best known, earning success at every level of the sport, from her club sides through to Australian sides at multiple Touch Football World Cups.

Her passion for coaching has also manifested in her efforts to improve and mentor other coaches, with Salter conducting a staggering number of coaching courses, both at home and abroad, generously sharing her knowledge and expertise and playing a vital role in the development of coaches across all levels.

TTF Technical Director, and fellow Life Membership inductee Kerrod Hall, recognised Salter’s extensive experience and her willingness to give back to the sport she loves.

“Sue is our go-to person when it comes to coaching courses because her experience is simply unmatched.”

“She has trained and inspired so many players and coaches over the years and is an extremely valuable member of our community.”

Salter’s commitment to junior development is equally commendable. Serving as the Junior Coaching Director between 2002 and 2005, Salter set up the Townsville Touch Junior Skills Programme (TTJSP) to nurture the skills of young players, which focused on junior player development and emphasised supporting and empowering coaches.

The visionary approach of Salter further led to the establishment of the NQTA's Junior Academy programme, providing young players from Townsville, as well as players across the North Queensland region, with an additional steppingstone in their development.

Salter’s tireless efforts and countless hours of volunteering have not gone unnoticed by the Townsville Touch Football community. Her selfless dedication to the sport, both on and off the field, has left an indelible impact on coaches and junior players alike.


Kerrod Hall

Kerrod Hall is a true touch football enthusiast and a pillar of the touch football community who has provided an invaluable contribution to the sport since first stepping into a committee role in 2008 at age 18.

After spending his early childhood years on the sideline watching his parents play the sport, Hall took his first steps onto the field in 1997 for Redskins Touch Club, and it was there that he commenced a lifelong love of touch football.

Hall later found his true calling in 2004 when he gained his Level 1 referee qualification, setting him on a pathway that instilled in him a desire to see and help those around him succeed and which eventually earned him 11 caps as an international referee. It was through this desire that he took his first steps into volunteer roles, first taking on the role of Junior Referee Coordinator for Redskins Touch Football before stepping up to take on the vacant role as Junior Referee Director with Townsville Junior Touch and eventually into the role of Chairperson of the TJT sub-committee.

Throughout the years, Hall's dedication to the game has been unwavering. Since those early steps, Hall has left an indelible mark on the sport, serving in many more roles that have shaped the growth and development of touch football in Townsville. As a player, referee, coach, referee coach, administrator, and committee member, he has exemplified the true spirit of the sport.

Hall's involvement with the TTF Technical Committee as the Referee Director since 2019, and prior as the Assistant Referee Director between 2009 and 2013, further highlights his passion for fostering referee development and ensuring the highest standard of officiating at all levels. His contributions extend beyond TTF competitions, encompassing regional, state, national, and international events.

His journey as a referee saw him achieve the highest accreditation in the sport, Level 6, in March 2015. Hall's dedication to nurturing and enhancing the skills of referees led him to become an accredited Talent-level Referee Coach and an accredited Course Facilitator. Through coaching and mentorship, he has empowered referees to excel and strive for excellence.

As the Chair of TTF's junior committee (Townsville Junior Touch Football) from 2014 until 2021, Hall played a pivotal role in shaping the junior touch football landscape in Townsville, leading the competition through to record-breaking team numbers in 2019, 2020, and again in 2021. His leadership and guidance ensured the smooth operation of TTF's junior competitions, leaving a lasting impact on the development of young players and the growth of the sport.

In recent years, Hall has been an instrumental part of the TTF Management Committee, serving as the incumbent Technical Director since 2020 and displaying a high level of commitment and engagement in the association's development activites for coaches, referees, and representative players.

Through his roles as Technical Director, Hall has lead a new TTF sub-committee, including fellow-inductee Salter, dedicated to rebuilding the TTF representative and development structure and programmes. The new Saints Representative Programme, which saw recent success as 10 teams and 12 referees toured to the 2023 QLD Junior State Cup, aims to strengthen the representative pathway and provide access to enhanced skill development opportunities for TTF's players, coaches, and referees. The programme benefits greatly from the leadership and experience that both Hall and Salter provide.

Hall's commitment extends far beyond his official roles within TTF. He continues to volunteer countless hours to support the association's management platforms and digital systems, streamlining operations and enhancing the touch football experience for players, clubs, and staff alike.

With an extensive IT knowledge at his disposal, Hall regularly and freely gives support to other TTF volunteers, including officials from TTF's clubs, to assist them through utilising the sports online registration platform - MySideline. His expertise in web development and digital applications has also been crucial in maintaining a dynamic and efficient online touch football community, and it was through this that he helped guide TTF back onto the field after COVID pandemic forced lockdowns and extended restrictions on local sport.

Hall's legacy is celebrated by TTF, and the community is looking forward to his continued involvement, as his passion and commitment continue to inspire and uplift the sport of touch football in Townsville.